Net Zero-Carbon Fuel (2022 Summer Course)

2022-07-22 7495

On the 20 June – 7 July 2022, the Net Zero-Carbon Fuels course was conducted online. The unique transnational online course has attracted 43 students from 10 countries, forming a truly diverse group of students from different background. The students have experienced a cross-cultural online learning experience via different group activities, ice-breaking and networking session. More importantly, the students have learnt about the importance of low carbon/carbonless fuels, by considering the technical production, application, policy, economics and sustainability aspects, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. To further enhance the students’ learning experience, two guest speakers have been invited, Professor Gus Nathan from University of Adelaide and Dr. Kevin Rouwenhorst from Ammonia Energy Association to share the industry perspectives. Overall, the students have gained a rich learning experience upon completion of the course. The credits gained from the course is transferrable, but the satisfaction gained from completing the course is truly unique and personal. 

Transnational teaching via online platform, students from various countries

Breakdown of the students by country. No. of students: 43, nationalities: 10

Breakdown of the students by university. No. of students: 43, universities: 11

Group project presentation

Poster presentation

Distinguished guest speakers to share the industry perspectives

Feedbacks from students

"Through this high quality and effective course, we have learned plenty about net zero-carbon fuels, the advantages of each those fuels as well as the challenges faced in their applications and production. The course is well structured, easy-to-understand, and the online learning experience is very good. Highly recommended to the all undergraduates"

Nicholas Boudville, undergraduate from  University of Southampton Malaysia

“Gained a lot of knowledge about net zero-carbon fuels from this course, enjoyed every moment from the group work, discussion, and assignments. This course is truly inspiring!“ 

Hoe-Teng Chua, undergraduate from University of Southampton Malaysia